The PROXIMA universe is expanding...

The Royale oppressors have left PROXIMA and the future of Alterra is as bright as the stars by which it's surrounded.

PROXIMA UNIVERSE will be the start of a new era of multiplayer games. We can't wait to share our vision of PROXIMA with all of you. As we prepare more details to be unfold for the upcoming weeks please allow us to share some important changes.

We founded a new company called Vulkanic based on our success and efforts to scale and rebrand the studio and our PROXIMA game IP. The new direction and further expansion of the project is led by Denis Colovic (CEO & Founder) and Anton Romanov (Technical Director & Lead Programmer).

We will continue our journey with PROXIMA UNIVERSE (previously titled PROXIMA ROYALE). We are striving for perfection and innovation and we are working hard to make PROXIMA UNIVERSE the most unique, feature-rich and polished experience it can be. We want to take the time to thank all the people that supported us until this moment. All this would have not been possible without you! Also a big shoutout to all our business partners! Throughout the past and current development of our project we had the chance to meet, talk and work together with a lot of amazing companies and talented people.

The new PROXIMA UNIVERSE branding.

PROXIMA UNIVERSE is a large-scale next-gen Shooter that supports up to 100 players. A ground-breaking experience with dynamic weather system, seasons and a real 24-hour day/night cycle. It's pushing the limits of what's possible in real-time — both visually and gameplaywise.

The game will feature a brand new game mode called Warzone which will take place on a completely new map that we designed from scratch. We also significantly raised the quality of lighting, environments, visual effects, models and animations in order to achieve a more photorealistic look.

The new changes will be showcased in an upcoming trailer. Much more information will be available on the official game website as soon as we release it.

We moved to a new office

We made a lot of changes to how we operate and we improved in many different categories. A lot of investment, time and resources went into rendering pipeline research and development as well as efforts for a much needed company restructure and expansion. The base work for a healthy and long history of the studio was done and we are committed to grow our in-house team in the near future. In order for all of these plans to work we needed to move to a new office location in the same city. Our old office was pretty much just one tiny room and there was barely enough space for two desks.

Our goal is to create a healthy and fun workplace for the people in our in-house studio without crunch and toxicity. After all we want to make more great games after PROXIMA. We have tons of ideas and plans for future projects and we will talk about them when it's the right time.

We are here to make great games and we want to do it as long as we can and for that we think transparency is one of the most important things. We wanna give you all an insight into how we operate and also on upcoming changes for the game and our studio.

Photos of the new office.
What's next?

The next thing we will share with you is the trailer we teased. This is still going to happen very soon. So don't miss any future announcements or updates! Subscribe to our freshly made YouTube channel.

As previously said the development QA test sessions will be starting in Q2. You can sign up for it here. This is a voluntary position but humans that get accepted will be mentioned in the game credits and they will also receive exclusive in-game content for their profiles.

That's all for today. We can't wait to share more news with you!

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